Vision 80/20 IVR Pro

With IVR PRO’s voicemail box and spoken forwarding using Vision 80/20, you are able to provide the best possible service to those among your callers who wish to be connected to a specific person or department. The voicemail box is easy-to-use: recording, changing or erasing messages via the web interface or the phone are all straightforward.


Store solution

Vision 80/20 IVR PRO is multi-tending, i.e. several customers can share one physical system. The store solution makes it possible for certain parts to be common to different companies/departments/stores/customers. The system administrator can easily prepare a template for dialogue structures, then distribute this to each department so that it can edit its own recorded menu phrases.


Mobila anknytningar

Mobile integration

Users can take advantage of most of the company switchboard’s functions from their mobile phones. This means that the user has a voicemail box for both landline and mobile phones, message forwarding in the mobile voicemail, the option to be connected to an operator from the mobile voicemail, personal forwarding messages and an at-a-glance list of who has tried to reach them and at what time. There is advanced mobile integration that actually takes over as the controlling unit between switchboard and mobile network. Among other things, this means that mobile integration is fully functional abroad.


Vision 80/20 IVR PRO can be integrated with the most common presence and availability systems on the market. This means that forwarding handled by the forwarding system is directly retrieved by Vision 80/20 IVRO PRO. If the system also has a calendar connection, forwarded messages are conveyed directly by e.g. MS Outlook via the forwarding system.