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Enghouse Interactive supplies flexible and scalable solutions for customer communications that are easily adapted to meet the demands of today’s companies and organisations. Our integrated communications solutions include multi-channel contact centres with operator applications, forwarding, self-service options, statistics and billing. These solutions give companies and organisations the freedom of choice to communicate with their customers according to their own specific needs – quickly, efficiently and successfully. Our solutions support all types of installations from cloud-based to customer-located as well as hybrid solutions.

Enghouse in northern Europe and globally

On the Nordic market, we primarily offer Trio Enterprise and Vision 80/20. As part of the Enghouse group we also have access to a global portfolio of products with market-leading solutions for customer communications.

With over 25 years of experience in developing communications solutions, we understand the demands of the market and therefore always work hard to fulfil our customers’ and partners’ expectations. Our applications help improve communication, productivity and efficiency within thousands of organisations and companies of all sizes and complexities – all over the world.

Different delivery models

Enghouse Interactive’s solutions are always delivered in the manner that best suits your company or organisation. We collaborate with most resellers and operators. You receive the same professional and efficient telephony solutions regardless of which form of delivery you choose.

Communications as a service (CaaS)/Hosting

CaaS can be delivered as a hosted or customer-located solution. Using a CaaS structure, the supplier is responsible for system operations. This makes it easier for the customer to predict costs because the supplier’s commitment is greater. The customer subscribes to the service itself and chooses the functions he or she needs. Payment can, for example, be made per user and number of services used, at a fixed price.

Service provider solutions

If a customer chooses an operator solution, the customer’s telephony provider will manage the entire platform. In order for the supplier to be able to offer a competitive solution, it is often best to build a large-scale, hosted version that allows several customers to share hardware and software. This way smaller organisations are also allowed access to a larger number of as well as more advanced functions previously reserved for larger companies.

Customer-located solutions

Traditionally, most companies have opted for customer-located switchboard solutions purchased from their telephony provider. The customer-located solution consists both of hardware and software with operations being managed by the customer. This gives the customer, together with his provider, full control, but requires a somewhat greater commitment and technical know-how on the part of the customer.

Enghouse Interactive supports and is certified for most corporate switchboards currently on the market. Contact us for further details.

Trio Enterprise
Vision 80/20