How do you want to work?

How do you want to work?

The products in this area range from simple ones that afford users the possibility of administering attendance information, of deciding how they wish to be contacted, where they want to work from etc., to advanced products for operators and customer service agents, where all company information is managed by a common, user-friendly Windows-based client.

Företagets telefonister och handläggareThe company’s operators and customer service agents: Trio Enterprise lets you act as both operator and customer service agent using one and the same system.

  • As customer service agent/operator you are quickly updated on where a certain person is, how he or she can be reached or who is to be contacted instead. The operator can easily contact the person in question via text message (SMS) or e-mail – all using a single system. Information is sorted and grouped according to your needs and wishes, for example employees can be grouped according to their skills. The switchboard, attendance system and voicemail boxes are all managed using the same tool.
  • As a customer service agent/operator you are provided with solution options for a small customer service department, call centre or help desk as well as for considerably larger similar units occurring within a company. Our experience tells us that on average our clients experience a 25% increase in their customer service efficiency already during the first year of Trio Enterprise’s implementation Regardless of how your customer chooses to contact your customer service – by phone, via the company web site, e-mail, text message (SMS), fax or a personal visit – all communication is managed through an easy-to-use Windows client.


Agent AttendantklientenAgent Attendantklienten: High productivity with Trio’s user-friendly Windows-based client that is utilised both by customer service agents and operators. Integrated toolbar that allows you to work in other programs without loosing your overview of incoming cases. All incoming cases are sorted in order of priority and routed depending on the skills of the agent who is logged in. Switchboard calls to an operator cause the operator application to open automatically, and without so much as a keystroke give you access to all functions needed to act as an operator.

  • Agent Phone Client: This license is used so that the customer service agent can log in without a software client no matter what phone is being used (switchboard lines, digital phones or IP phones, mobile phones, land lines etc.). We call these customer service agents “client free” agents.
  • Agent Lite: Enterprise Lite Agent is web-based and therefore requires no local installation on the client that runs the program. Standard routing is used in Trio Enterprise to route calls to whatever phone the user has chosen as his or her unit.
ProfilstyrningProfile identification: All customer service agents/operators can change their profiles – which services they are tending to – by changing their role in real time via their client. This means that available resources can quickly be divided as needed.
Trio AppTrio App: MTrio Enterprise App makes it simple for users to administer forwarding messages. Users’ current forwarding status is clearly visible in the app and can easily be changed.

Free-seating: Customer service agents or operators working in the Trio system can log in no matter what their location by indicating where they wish to be reached when logging in, e.g. on a mobile phone or home phone.

Admin programAdmin program: The system makes it possible to configure access levels for users and administrators. An administrator has access to the administration tools included in the Trio system for subscribers and services. A system administrator has access to defining who is an administrator or not.