What functions/services do you need?

What functions/services do you need?

Business services are the core of this product package, which gives your company the opportunity to create entirely integrated business services. By choosing and packaging the services from this product group that meet your company’s specific needs, you can create your own unique solution and maximise you customers’ experience.

Enterprise Directory

Enterprise Directory: Trio Enterprise forwarding database contains all specific information for employees.

PresencePresence:The employees’ availability is based on information from the calendar systems, web-based clients and third party attendance systems (e.g. Microsoft Lync, Microsoft OCS and Cisco Unified Presence Client). Information can be retrieved using both mobile and fixed units. This provides operators with an excellent possibility of connecting calls to the right person with a greater chance of that person actually answering.

Calendar connection: Trio Calendar Connection is a server-to-server installation, which means that no installation is necessary on the client end. Through the calendar process, calendar events and forwarding information are automatically synchronised between the e-mail server and the Enterprise server. If you add, remove or change a forwarding message in Trio, this change is reflected in the calendar. The same applies to bookings made in the calendar: these can be sent to the presence system, which activates or deactivates the forwarding message.

Integration with and ERP/CRM system: Integration with other systems such as the case-handling system, the billing system etc., makes it possible for the customer service agent to retrieve the correct customer profile as soon as he or she answers the phone. The caller is identified either by punching in a customer ID or by his or her phone number.


Statistics: Detailed statistics, either web or excel-based. There are a number of pre-defined reports where you can find statistics on incoming matters and on the customer service agents and operators who have been working in the system. Excel statistics are used to search for recorded files.

System Konfiguration

System configuration: Multiple configuration alternatives that offer flexible solutions for everything from scalability to collaborations between companies.


Recording: With Trio Recorder you can record conversations that pass through the Trio Enterprise server. Thanks to Voice Recorder’s unique buffering system, you can record the entire conversation even if you only activate recording manually midway through the conversation. A recording can also be made automatically, through the Enterprise system.


Guest web: Enterprise Guest Web is a web application that allows for anonymous access to certain functions in Trio Enterprise Assistant for Web.

Mobil Linje Status

Mobil Linje Status: Enterprise Mobile Line status makes it possible for the customer’s operators and customer service agents to see an overview of their colleagues’ cell phones.

Mobila anknytningarMobile extensions: Mobile extensions provides mobile users with functions normally associated with landlines only. The caller receives forwarding information and options for redirecting the call to a voicemail box or operator. If the call is connected to an operator, the operator’s control panel is updated with information about the conversation.
Kötid och köplatsinformation

Queuing time and information on place in queue: A voice service that informs the caller about estimated waiting time and/or the caller’s place in the queue. This service is used to keep the caller informed and to extend the time that the caller is willing to remain on the line.