Vision 80/20


Vision 80/20

Vision 80/20 supports the entire organisation with easy-to-use telephony that takes into account the needs of the entire company. Our solutions support everyone from operators, users and administrators to customer service and the sales department.

Today, telephony systems exist in a border zone between IT and telephony. An optimal phone solution is generally integrated with one or more IT systems such as Active Directory, sales support, calendar and business systems (ERP), Microsoft Lync. With Vision 80/20 as your platform, your company will benefit from a custom-made telephony solution that takes your particular situation and needs as its starting point.


Vision 80/20 is a complete concept, scalable for companies and organisations of all sizes. Our products are easy-to-use and provide our customers with quick and measurable results. We focus on simplifying the process for the individual employee, with user-friendly interfaces and smart systems that facilitate their work.

Enterprise DirectoryOpen system

All our systems are open. This means that the customer can easily manage their own integrations, for example with their business systems or intranet.
Moreover, Vision 80/20 delivers a number of standard integrations, among other things for calendars, Microsoft Lync, AD/LDAP, CRM systems and Twitter.

Vilka funktioner/tjänster behöver du?Future proof solution

Our telephony concept grows with your organisation. Vision 80/20 is built using modules, making it possible to add functions as needs evolve or the size of the organisation changes.