Presence and Operator client

Vision 80/20 PAM and Operator client

Vision 80/20 lets the operator work more efficiently and reduces the time it takes to answer and connect calls. Callers receive quick assistance and perceive your company as professional and customer-orientated. All calls are answered and queue times remain short. This elevates the service level and in the long term creates the right conditions for raising your CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index).

Vision 80/20

Always the right information

Vision 80/20 works as an information hub for operators and organisations. All the information requirements of the operator are met using a powerful search tool that presents information in a simple and orderly manner. The information in the system is kept up-to-date thanks to connections with Active Directory, calendar systems, Microsoft Lync or other presence systems.

Vision 80/20

Employees can use Vision 80/20 to locate colleagues, forward calls and to receive presence information using a web interface, mobile web as well as apps for iPhone and Android.

MS Lync

Vision 80/20 offers functions clearly in demand in the Nordic countries and complements and optimises your Lync platform. This holds true regardless of whether you choose to use the Lync platform for call management or only use functions such as chat, presence, conference, video or desktop sharing. We offer both pure Lync solutions and hybrid solutions where traditional switchboards co-exist with the Lync platform.


Calendar Link

A calendar link is an excellent complement to the forwarding system. This service gives both the operator and user access to the entire organisation’s calendar activities in real-time. The operator is granted access to the requested party’s calendar and can quickly supply information on this person’s availability. A calendar booking can also automatically activate forwarding and redirect the call to, for example, a recorded message.

Enterprise Directory


Simplify the management of staff changes, free up time and lower your costs. By integrating Vision 80/20 with your Active Directory (AD) you eliminate unnecessary duplications. The result is flawless staff information of the highest quality that is always identical in your AD and in the Vision 80/20 PAM system.