Auto Attendant

Vision 80/20 Auto Attendant

Vision 80/20 Auto Attendant is a voice-controlled service that performs the most common operator functions. The voice-controlled operator can, for example, connect calls to a person or a selected function as well as receive and read forwarding messages out loud. The automatic operator is always available, all calls are answered, pick up times are shortened, capacity increased and costs reduced. Attendant generally reduces the number of operator-assisted calls by 20-50%. For smaller companies this can be an excellent alternative to a full-time switchboard operator. This gives operators more flexibility and allows them to devote themselves to customer queries that require a little more time, which increases customer satisfaction.


Easy to forward you calls

With voice-controlled forwarding you do not need to remember different forwarding codes. Instead, you call up Vision 80/20 Auto Attendant and say, for example, ”Lunch until quarter to two”, “Holiday until fourteenth July”.


Easy-to-build dialogue tree

With the graphic dialogue editor, new voice and keystroke-controlled dialogues are created. The dialogue editor also offers numerous powerful call control functions.

KalenderkopplingIntegration with calendar and e-mail

Nowadays, most common activities that use calendars or e-mail systems can be managed via voice control: Calling up contacts in your personal directory, adding, removing or reading out activities in your calendar, reading out, answering and forwarding e-mails.