Contact Centre

Vision 80/20 Contact Centre

Vision 80/20 Contact Centre is a telephone and pbx independent solution for quick and efficient customer service. It is offered both as a cloud-based and a customer-located system that quickly and efficiently manages incoming calls, chat, e-mail and text messages. It is an easy to use web-based solution for Contact Centres of all sizes, designed to avoid wasting your time on unnecessary installations, training and maintenance. Useful functions such as scheduled callback, recording and powerful web-based statistics support your customer service aspirations, quality assurance and resource optimisation.

Complete with all communication channels

Vision 80/20 Contact Centre allows you to broaden your points of contact and interact with your clients in precisely the way that best suits them. The Contact Centre manages incoming calls, chat, text messages (SMS) and e-mail.

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call back

With scheduled callback your customers decide when they wish to be contacted

The callback time is determined by the call centres availability and staff situation and therefore is entirely on your terms. This results in a better work environment along with a higher perception of service and more satisfied customers. This is a popular service with establishments that wish to optimise their resources and evenly distribute workload(s) while maintaining their service level and quality. Health clinics are one important example.


Agent with Operator Functionality

With Vision 80/20 Presence, agents have access to the operator functionality. This means that, if necessary, agents can log in to selected queues to assist during peak load times. The agent still works via the agent interface, but has access to the database and its powerful search engine in order to quickly and smoothly transfer calls to the correct person, see all useful data surrounding the caller, and add notes for other employees.


Powerful statistics with Vision 80/20 Statistics

Vision 80/20 Statistics provides powerful statistics so that team leaders and customer service managers are able to optimise their operations. There are standard reports that are displayed in easy to analyse graphs and tables. Fact-based decision support helps you make the right choices in order to maintain the right degree of service and keep your customers satisfied.

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