Vision 80/20 for Microsoft Lync

Vision 80/20 for Microsoft Lync

Vision 80/20 complements the Microsoft Lync platform with telephony functions that raise the management of incoming calls to a professional level. Its functionality corresponds to our customers’ demands on high accessibility and user-friendly interfaces that allow for the best possible service.
Vision 80/20 offers functions clearly in demand in the Nordic countries that complement and optimise your Lync platform. This applies whether you choose to use the Lync platform for call management or only use functions such as chat, presence, conference, video and desktop management.


Advantages of complementing the Lync platform with Vision 80/20

  • Powerful operator
  • Professional and efficient handling of incoming calls
  • Landline and mobile phone line status
  • See reason for absence and return time in the Lync client
  • Clear messages to caller with voice forwarding
  • Expanded queue functions
  • Statistics on calls and queues
  • Contact Centre

Hybrid solutions with SIP integration

Microsoft Lync can also function as a complement to your company switchboard in a so-called hybrid solution. With such solutions, as well as in other cases, we instead recommend SIP integration. Our customers will benefit from the fact that we have executed thousands of SIP installations and are certified for the most common switchboards in the Nordic countries.



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