Gear up your Trio Contact Centre – it’s time for a health check!

A properly functioning contact centre means satisfied customers

When was the last time your contact centre had a health check? Up to 60% of its functionality may be completely unused. And they could be the elements you need to create a world-class customer interaction.

We’re here to help!

Experience has shown us that a contact centre’s features and functionality are used to nowhere near the extent needed to ensure real customer satisfaction. So let us pay you a visit and perform a health check on your contact centre.

Happier, more satisfied customers

We work with your metrics and your unique solution to assess such things as call flow, resource optimisation, statistics, and unused functionality. And then we use the results to give you tips and suggestions on easy ways to shift your contact centre up a gear and increase your customer satisfaction.

Happier, more satisfied employees

A more evenly distributed workload and a resource-optimised working day means happier employees. Our tips help and support you in fully optimising your system usage and ensuring that you, as a contact centre manager and team leader, know more about the tools you can use to make working days run more smoothly.

So how does it work?

Scope: 1 working day
Participants: Team Leaders/Customer Service Managers, and selected agents/switchboard operators.

Part 1: Analysis

  • Studying the agents’ methodology in real time
  • Interviews with selected contact centre agents
  • Statistical analysis

Part 2: Presentation of improvements

  • General review of your Trio version
  • Improvements for administrators
    • Menu tree and Interaction studio
    • General review of your customer data
  • Improvements for agents
    • Handling
    • Methodology
    • Roles
    • Queue overview columns
    • Duties
  • Opportunities
    • Training
    • Advanced configuration
    • Integrations and adaptations

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  • A unique review of your contact centre. We base our review on your methodology and your customers’ needs.
  • The security that comes from knowing your contact centre is resource optimised.
  • Reduce costs and increase employee efficiency by making maximum use of your existing investment.
  • Enhanced team bonding and improved employee satisfaction. Distribution of employees’ workload improves, as does their ability to offload to contact centre colleagues.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and enhanced service levels. Increase employee’s ability to focus on customer service and guidance.


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