Chat is the main focus with Enghouse Interactive’s release of Trio Enterprise 6.2

Enghouse Interactive, the leading provider of customer communications, is launching the next release of Trio Enterprise. The focus of version 6.2 is expanded support for Skype for Business, as well as improved chat capabilities.

“More and more, customers prefer to contact businesses and organizations via the web instead of calling and waiting in telephone queues. In our new release, we have focused on adding a broader support for chat as another channel to a contact center, from a simple web chat to a more complex method of web communication where visitors to the website can be individually offered a dialogue with an administrator via chat, co-browsing, and video,” says Björn Sjöstrand, Product Director at Enghouse Interactive.

Trio Enterprise 6.2 is following on the heels of TE 6.1, where continued focus has been on mobile functionality and increased support for chat. The advanced app Trio CC makes it possible for agents and operators to be mobile, and is now available for Android (downloadable from Google Play) as well as Apple. More exciting news comes in the form of the new advanced chat Enghouse is including in Trio Enterprise. This new advanced platform enables features like web chat, co-browsing and video, and the system can profile visitors to the website to allow the company’s business rules to determine which visitors should be offered a dialogue with the contact center. Additionally, it is now possibly to connect Trio Enterprise to the Norwegian communication platform eDialog24, allowing this as another channel through which customers can reach the contact center.

“Our strength with Trio Enterprise has always been our platform independence. Now it was time to do this for chat platforms as well. We want our customers to be able to decide for themselves which program they wish to work with, while still being able to integrate that with the Trio platform,” says Michael Stubbing, Managing Director West and Northern Europe.

Even with Microsoft Skype for Business, the integrations possibilities are great. From and Trio Enterprise 6.2, companies can offer chat to the contact center with Skype for Business as their chat platform. Agents and customers can run chat dialogues directly in their Skype clients, or via the chat entry on the website. Among the other exciting news for Skype for Business, presence management becomes simpler with the ability to terminate absence automatically from both clients. It is also possible to smoothly manage internal and external calls with different conditions to improve customer service.

“The Skype for Business-integrations increase the ability for businesses to focus on their customer service rather than spending extra time on duplicate work. Many people are already familiar with Skype and this facilitates contact between businesses and their customers,” says Björn Sjöstrand.

New in Trio Enterprise 6.2:

  • Trio CC for Android, the app for mobile agents and operators, which was previously only available for iOS.
  • Ability to offer chat with administrators based on Microsoft Skype for Business.
  • Smoother presence management between Trio Enterprise and Skype for Business
  • Ability to manage internal and external calls differently in Microsoft Skype for business solutions.
  • New advanced chat with support for chat, co-browsing and video, plus the ability of the system to profile visitors to the website to allow the company’s business rules to determine which visitors should be offered a dialogue with the contact center.
  • Connection to the communications platform eDialog24.
  • Smarter and more flexible distribution of tasks.

  • For more information, contact:

    Michael Stubbing
    Managing Director West & Northern Europe
    Enghouse Interactive AB 
    Telephone: +46 8 457 3035 

    Björn Sjöstrand
    Product Director Northern Europe
    Enghouse Interactive AB
    Telephone: +46 70 838 90 43

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