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Solution for MS Teams

Competella Contact Center Workgroup for Teams

Easy to deploy, manage and maintain

The Competella Contact Center Workgroup for Teams is an advanced hunt group solution built on Microsoft Teams and used by companies that need functionality beyond the level provided by Microsoft Teams Call Queue. The advantages are many. Using the Competella Contact Center Workgroup as an example, the Agent app is located inside Teams – where all call handling can be managed via the native Teams client. It provides easy access to reporting, analytics, and statistics as well as real time service level wallboards as part of the solution.

Feature highlights

  • Support for simultaneous ring in Teams
  • Use any device to receive calls (coming soon for non-Teams users)
  • No extra client needed – less IT distribution and support (using Teams)
  • Advanced Call Distribution
  • Skills based routing
  • Supervisor force agent
  • Rich web-based statistics for management purposes
  • Report scheduling – sent by e-mail
  • Realtime web Quality monitor Wallboard
  • Queue information – number in queue
  • CRM integration possible
  • Advanced IVR
  • Easy web administration of skills, call flow, scheduling, etc.
  • Highly scalable

Distribution of Workgroup Contacts

The Contact Center Workgroup for Teams is the ideal solution for distribution of inbound calls to both remote or hybrid agents, agents on the move, as well as agents working from their desk. The Competella Agent portal is a downloadable app and is embedded within Teams – and is available for mobile devices. The Contact Center Workgroup Agent Portal provides a real time service level overview, as well as the ability to change status and enter or leave queues.

Fact-based Customer Service, Statistics for Coaching, Management, and Planning

It is not easy to manage a Contact Center department and perform workforce management without statistics to rely on. Competella’ s web-based statistics enable customized reporting which can be used to focus on the performance of your queues and agent service levels. These Competella Statistics reports will give you the insights needed to easily determine how many agents you should have on duty at any given time. If you analyze agent stats, you will also be able to spot the star performers in each department and you can easily share best practices across your workforce to increase utilization and customer service.

The effect of tracking call statistics is becoming increasingly important for bigger companies that are focused in developing more efficient workflow of their agents/employees.

The Quality Monitor gives supervisors a service level overview of queues to react on live operation.

Better Manage and React – Use A Service Level Overviews

Without a Competella Quality Monitor wall board you might not know when calls are backing up in your Contact Center queues. The Quality Monitor is web based and easy to configure with a wide range of easily set parameters that help you supervise and optimize your Contact Center queues – in real-time. Results can be shown on multiple screens or projectors to keep your agents updated on their current status.
This live overview and callboards will reduce “down-times” and help to maintain and even increase the level of service from your Contact Center and queues.

Increase Agent Flexibility and Flatten the Learning Curve

Agents normally use the Teams app for call handling. However, Competella Workgroup Contact Center provides agents with more flexibility with simultaneous ring – calls can be offered both in Teams and on the agent’s mobile phone. Should the agent need to answer a call on another phone number during specific periods or via simultaneous ringing, the Contact Center workgroup will soon support this.

Increasing Efficiency using Automated Workflows

If you want the customer to be in control of their own experience, or just want to provide them with some information before distributing the call, the Competella IVR Express is ideal for use as a front-end to your wait-queues. Using the IVR, they’ll be able to select what department they want to talk to or even a specific agent group with specialized skills or knowledge.

Scheduled Call Distribution Managed Through Competella Management Portal

The Contact Center Workgroup is a comprehensive Contact Center that can handle thousands of agents, calls, and queues. It is fully configurable with agent’s settings, announcements, opening hours, holiday settings, overflow on threshold and other options. You can even provide administrative rights to supervisors.

The management portal let you do the daily add's moves and changes of schdules, queues, receptionists announcments and much more

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