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Solution for MS Teams

Competella Office User Add-ons

Prevent those lost calls!

Microsoft Teams is a great tool to increase cross-department collaboration and user centric communication. However, it has a few gaps that Competella fills in with the Office User Add-ons.

The Competella Office User Add-ons consist of Competella IVR Express and Competella Mobile Presence Gateway.

Competella IVR Express for Teams

Build your IVR Workflow either as a standalone capability or as part of a total solution

The Competella IVR Express is an administrator friendly solution with a web based graphical user interface. The web-based administration capability enables you to build your menu-structure and make the workflows smooth and easy. Unlimited workflows give the administrator the freedom to quickly solve the business owner’s issues.

Competella IVR Express is available either as a standalone solution, or in conjunction with the Contact Center Workgroup, Contact Center Enterprise, and Attendant Console. Please click here for further information about Competella IVR Express.

Competella Mobile Presence Gateway

See if your colleagues are idle or busy on their mobile device

Improve collaboration between your remote, hybrid, mobile and office employees with Competella Mobile Presence Gateway and Teams by federating Service-provider mobile line indicators with the Competella Communication Suite. The Competella Mobile Presence Gateway is integrated with select Service providers in Northern Europe and typically requires a subscription with the service provider.

Your customers and employees can save time and avoid unnecessary calls with the Mobile Presence Gateway from Competella as your agents will be able to see the mobile line state directly the Competella Agent before they call.

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