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Solution for MS Teams

Competella IVR Express for Teams

The Competella IVR Express for Microsoft Teams is an administrator friendly solution with a web based graphical user interface. Its IVR (Interactive Voice Response) application can help you filter and distribute calls to the best suitable person or department. The Competella IVR will enable your employees to structure their workflows more efficiently, helping to ensure they provide better customer service.

The web-based administrator capability simplifies menu-structure development and ensures your workflows are smooth and easy. The unlimited workflows provide the administrator with the ability to develop the best solution to the business owner’s communications issues.

Competella IVR Express is available as either a standalone solution or integrated with: Contact Center Workgroup, Contact Center Enterprise, and Attendant Console. It can also be used as an add-on for Competella contact centers with the attendant console.

The Competella IVR Express lets you configure multiple IVR workflows:

  • Use multiple layers and sub layers
  • Upload announcements
  • Scheduling of specific nodes and branches
  • IVR traffic reporting
  • Simplified configuration
The IVR Express lets you do easy configuration of workflows and schdeuling to smoothen distribution of calls to differents departments.
Access to statistics, analytics and reporting provides valuable information to analyze, undertsand and plan the operation of your Contact Center.

The Competella IVR Express is easy to manage and can be used both as a stand-alone solution or as an add-on for Competella contact centers as well as attendant console.

Capture Customer Interactions

For a contact center, it is important to operate effectively. Competella’s IVR Express will enable you to capture customer interactions more efficiently from a quality management perspective.

Creating workflows

For creating and building various workflows, it is important to specify and outline the needs of your company. When properly implemented, the IVR express solution from Competella will increase the overall efficiency of a unified contact center.

Advanced IVR scripts

For advanced users, there is also the option to create customized and more advanced IVR scripts that are suited to the individual company’s needs.

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