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Enghouse Interactive launches Competella SaaS V4.2

July 2023; Enghouse Interactive is proud to announce the latest release of Competella SaaS, Version 4.2. Highlights of this new version include:

Enhancements to Microsoft Teams Features

  • Disable callback X minutes before the queues are closed – allows the customer to set a configurable time to disable callbacks before the queue is closed.
  • Agents can add custom-made statuses, and report on these in Statistics – the CMT (Competella Management Tool) has been updated to include a feature to allow custom statuses to be added and configured.
  • Wrap-up time in MA (Competella Agent) – a new setting is available to allow the ‘wrap up time’ to be extended in the MA.
  • Waiting callback – when a caller arrives in a queue, any waiting callbacks from the same number to the same queue are cleared.
  • Configuration Change to the MA client – previously if an agent was away or busy, they received a call in the MA client. This is now a configurable setting and you can choose whether your agents will continue to receive calls if they are away or busy.

Competella Office for SaaS

The Competella Office is a tool for end users for Searching the Competella Directory, browsing Organizations, managing Activities and Forwarding settings for the Competella Routing Agent. This feature has now been implemented for the SaaS solution, this includes activities in the Competella DB and searching for users within the same tenant.


Several statistics metrics available in the on prem solution have been added to Competella SaaS, these are now available for customers to add to their own statistics reports, and we have also updated the default reports to include the new metrics.

Key Contact Information

If you have any questions about this announcement, please contact Amanda Pearson, Product Manager, Enghouse Competella.

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