Trio Enterprise

Turn your workplace into
a collaborative space!

Trio Enterprise is a flexible, cost-efficient communications platform that helps your business communicate quickly and effectively with clients, regardless of method. Trio Enterprise can be connected to most switchboards and integrated with CRM-systems, calendar systems and attendance systems. The Trio Enterprise application is primarily used by operators and customer service agents, and whose main focus is to provide the best possible customer service. The system is scalable, which means it is to a large extent possible for each individual company to choose the components that suit them. Many begin on a smaller scale and continue by adding on to the system as the need arises. Our applications help improve the communications, productivity and efficiency of thousands of organisations and companies of all sizes and complexities all over the world.

Trio EnterpriseTrio Enterprise was the first solution on the market to offer these products in an integrated package that makes it possible for customers to integrate and use their in-house resources in an optimal manner, in order to deliver outstanding customer service. The solution is platform independent and can be connected to all major switchboards and IT-systems. To make it easier to find what you are looking for, we have chosen to divide Trio Enterprise into three areas, based on your needs: – How do you wish to meet your customers? – How do you want to work? – Which functions/services do you require?

How do you want to meet your customers? How do you want to meet your customers? Via Contact Centre, self-service, a personal visit system? Click on the link and find out more about our advanced solutions that help you provide the best possible customer service. >>

Hur vill du arbeta?How do you want to work? As a customer service agent/phone operator? Via free seating? Forwarding via an app? Click on the link and find out more about the flexibility of Trio Enterprise.>>

Vilka funktioner/tjänster behöver du? What functions/services do you need? Presence an availability, calendar connections, queue information, recording functions? Click on the link to find out more about the services that help you gain full control of your internal and external communications. >>