Enghouse Interactive Launches Trio V9.3

Enghouse Interactive is proud to announce the latest release of Trio, Version 9.3.

Highlights of this new version include:

Redesign of Trio Guest Component – match your companies profile

Trio Guest is a web application that allows anonymous access to the company directory. This is a perfect tool for the organisation to publish selected information about the employees to external viewers, for example for municipalities to show an overview of their staff and the staffs’ responsibilities.

Trio Guest is based on Trio User to ensure consistency throughout the product, allowing the user to adapt the size of the window, which means that it can be run on both PCs, tablets, and smartphones. In the redesigned version the appearance of Trio Guest, i.e., logotypes, colours, and the application title, can easily be changed to match the customer’s /your profile.

Trio Agent Web Updates

Sending Messages between Agents

In the new version we have implemented the ability for agents to send short text messages to each other directly in Trio Agent. A message can be sent to one or more agents and/or agent groups. The sender can decide if the message is sent only to agents that are currently logged in, or if it should be delivered to logged out agents the next time they log in.

Built in Phone in Trio Agent Web

Now there is support for call handling using Headsets. This means that the agent can accept and hang up calls using the headset buttons within the Built in Phone. The advantage of a built-in phone minimizes the cost for agents to receive calls, there will be no need for a mobile, a fixed or any PBX softphone. All that is needed is a standard headset and a web browser with connection to Enghouse Trio.

Enterprise Contact Centre API – Initiate Outbound Calls

The Enghouse Trio Contact Center API is based on web services enabling integration with many commonly used developing languages, offering good security and scalability without decreasing the performance of the core system. In this release we have added in the ability to initiate outbound calls, so the CC API can be used to log on agents and to initiate outbound calls.

Single Sign-On Enhancements to Support External IDP’s

  • Option to support multiple Azure AD and SAML 2.0 IDPs, both internally (inside the company) and externally (on the Internet)
  • Option to disable login using Trio Credentials

Key Contact Information

If you have any questions about this announcement, please contact Amanda Pearson, Product Manager, Enghouse Trio.